FAQs - Future Tech Olympiad 2.0

What is Future Tech Olympiad 2.0?

Future Tech Olympiad 2.0 is a platform designed to celebrate such ‘Creators of Future Technology’ - students and teachers - who are responsible Netizens and guardians of a safe and secure cyberspace for all. It aims to identify competent leaders of Digital India who can lead us in creating a healthy digital environment. Future Tech Olympiad 2.0 will assess the participants on their basic cognitive skills and future technology skills while ultimately gaining a deeper understanding of ethical and productive use of technology.

Importance of Future Tech Olympiad 2.0?

  • Provides an opportunity for participants to comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate their technological understanding.
  • Showcases talent at a national level in a community of young learners in rural and urban India.
  • Helps in gaining knowledge and exposure, acquiring future tech skills, competing nationally, earning recognition and rewards, boosting morale and confidence, and becoming future-ready.

Who conducts Future Tech Olympiad 2.0?

Future Tech Olympiad 2.0 is conducted by 1M1B Foundation in partnership with IBM.

I want to conduct Future Tech Olympiad 2.0 in my school. What should I do?

Please fill the sign-up school with students at https://futuretecholympiad.com/

What topics will be covered in Future Tech Olympiad 2.0?

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Development
  • Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) in Business and Industry

For a detailed syllabus: Click Here

Can I participate in the Olympiad examination individually, as my school is not participating in the Olympiad examinations?

No, please request the school to register for the Olympiad.

In how many languages is the FutureTech Olympiad 2.0 conducted?

FutureTech Olympiad will be conducted in English language only.

Is there any specific platform from which students can refer before taking a Future Tech Olympiad 2.0?

The students can refer to https://skillsbuild.org/

Can I reappear in the same test again?

No, you can appear in the test only once.

How many questions will be there in a question paper?

There will be 60 MCQs based questions.

How to Check Olympiad Results?

After every stage, results will be informed to schools and also displayed at https://futuretecholympiad.com/

How many students can take the Olympiad examination from a school?

A minimum count of 40 students is required from an individual school to get registered with FutureTech Olympiad. There is no limit for the maximum number of students from an individual school.

How to Register to Take the FutureTech Olympiad?

  1. Visit the official page for Olympiad exam registration: https://futuretecholympiad.com/
  2. Fill in the basic details such as School Name, Principal Name and Contact No., Teacher In-charge & Contact No., School Address, etc.
  3. School can prepare a list of participants and fill the ‘Student Detail form’
  4. Please double-check that all information is accurate.
  5. Enter the correct captcha and click on the button that says “Submit”.

What is the qualification to take the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination?

Students from class 9 to 12 can participate. There are no other eligibility criteria.

What are the modes to apply for FutureTech Olympiad?

There is an online mode only. You need to submit the form on LeadZ World with all details of schools and the number of participations.